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Welcome to Graziella’s Market!

Graziellas Restaurant was White Plains’ premier destination for great Italian cuisine for the past 27 years.  We now bring all the love and delicious food to Graziella's Marketing in West Harrison NY.

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Meet Gracie DiFeo…

As an immigrant of Italy, Gracie started her career in the restaurant industry from the bottom up. In 1970 she worked as a dishwasher in West Harrison at Cassarella’s Restaurant on 97 Lake Street. She then began cooking on the line and preparing dishes from the homeland that brought instant success to the restaurant. After 25 years she decided to follow her passion and with her three children Angelo, Josephine, and Sandy opened what she only dreamt could happen, Graziella’s Restaurant at 95 South Broadway in the heart of White Plains opened in 1995. Opening her doors and automatically became a destination for great Italian cuisine, and a place to host your most special events. Where she has created memories for residents of the county that will last a lifetime.

Then in 2011 Gracie moved her dream to another part of White Plains at 99 Church Street and is now celebrating 43 years of culinary success.

A woman who turned a dream into a reality. First one there and last one to leave for 27 years Graziella’s has become an extension of Gracie’s home truly preparing Italian comfort food on a consistent basis.

Never ever considering her customers anything less than guests, making sure for over two decades in White Plains that their dining experience was absolutely enjoyable.

27 years later you will still find Gracie, hair in that classic bun, apron tied and waiting for her guests to feed and have some conversation now at Graziella's Market. 

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